Business AI for Professional Audio and Video.

SQLStudios provides everything you need to create, edit, and produce professional level audio and video presentations and training. With SQLStudios by SQLLabs you can use AI in the Cloud or we can help you create your own on-premise AI solutions.

No Actors Needed.

Choose a voice and video model, upload your script, and produce your audio or video. Once your video is created you can change backgrounds, overlay text, images, and video, create transitions, and link videos together all without any video editing software.

Create Engaging Presentations Fast

Whether you are creating presentations, training videos, or promototional material, SQLStudios AI and Cloud based editing and production software makes it fast, easy, and cost effective.

Customize your Production

We can customize your environment to include your own voices or avatars. We will take you step by step through the process of training your own voice and video models.

Custom Voice Training

You can upload your own voice and we will train your custom AI voice models that are unique to you.

Custom Presenters

Upload a short video and we will train your custom AI presenter that is perfect for your projects.

Use your own Artwork

Upload your own background, overlays, logos, and custom artwork to make your videos perfect.

Pricing Plan

Enjoy audio and video production with our simple subscription plans. **Audio and Video rendering minutes roll over to the following month if they are not used.

Free Plan


  • 10GB Storage
  • Standard Voices
  • Standard Avatars
  • Free Trial Video (up to 1 minute)
  • Free Trial Audio (up to 1 minute)
  • Online Support
  • Upgrade anytime
Introductory Plan

$29.00 /month

  • 50GB Storage
  • Standard Voices
  • Standard Avatars
  • 30 Minutes Video Rendering / month**
  • 60 Minutes Audio Rendering / month**
  • Online Support
  • ** Minutes roll over if not used.
Pro Plan

$55.00 /month

  • 100GB Storage
  • Standard Voices
  • Standard or Upload Avatars
  • 60 Minutes Video Rendering / month
  • 120 Minutes Audio Rendering / month
  • Online Support
  • ** Minutes roll over if not used.

Refer a friend & enjoy 1 year free subscription

With Appto, you can build anything using a single platform, instead of managing dozens of different themes.

Enterprise Business Services

Ready to bring AI into your organization? Our Enterprise Level services can get you there. AI infrastructure requires different hardware and infrastructure than traditionsl data centers and our turn-key solutions will get you started on your AI journey in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Custom Voice Models

We can help you train custom voice models on our cloud based hardware on on-premise hardware we help you build.

Custom Presenter Models

Give your videos your unique style by training presenter models on our cloud or in your data center.

On-Premise Infrasturcture

We have turn-key Infrasturcture and technolgies to help you build your AI infrastrure in a fraction of the time.

Custom Language Models

Do you need a large language model like ChatGPT that is customized for your industry that runs in your data center? We can help.

Convulutional Neural Nets

Is computer vision in your future? We can help you build custom trained CNNs that are trained you your specifications.


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Trust the Avatars

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